Our facility is fully open for all

new and existing customers.




However, strict social distancing policies will be applied and strictly enforced as follows.

• There will be a limit of 5 customers allowed in the facility at any one time.
• Only one customer per room can enter the building at any one time. If you travel with another member of your household, they are requested to stay in their car*.
• Only 2 customers can access each corridor at a time. Our corridors are narrow and therefore this will require patience and common sense when walking through the facility.
• If possible, please call me before travelling to our facility. It would greatly assist us in controlling access to the facility and may limit your waiting time in busy periods.
• If you are a new customer inquiring about storage, please call us before visiting. It is hoped that much of the paperwork can be done online or over the telephone.
• Please do not come within 2 metres of any staff or other customers.
• Please allow more time for your visit and follow any instructions given by our staff.
• We have increased the deployment of antibacterial hand sanitisers. Please use these regularly.
• Our staff will be confined to the office, where possible, and can operate access doors, CCTV and roller shutters from there.
• We have significantly increased the cleaning, wiping and sanitising of our facility throughout the day, however it would be appreciated if you could also assist by wiping down any surfaces you touch after use.


Face Masks

• You are now legally required to wear face masks throughout the whole of our facility.


Thank you for all your support and understanding.


New Customers

To help with moving in, if you are a new customer bringing your goods to the facility for the first time, we can arrange a convenient time where several people from the same household can access the unit at the same time.

If you wish to view our facility and available rooms, please call to make an appointment, although unfortunately our usual guided tours may not be possible.